Who are we?


We are a full-service brand marketing, strategy and communications partner. We handle everything from research, to creative development, to strategic implementation of your marketing plan.

We are marketers, graphic designers, copy writers, event planners, web developers, visual artists, and photographers.

At Premiere, we believe a great brand is born where strategy meets unrestricted creativity. From start-to- finish, we demonstrate value by delivering customers and moving our clients’ bottom-line… every project… every client… every time.

Its not enough to know the brand…you have to become the brand.

Become The Brand.

Adobe Creative Suite 95%
WordPress 92%
Joomla 87%
Program Design 78%
Field Marketing 89%
Political Campaign Marketing 87%


It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are. In every aspect of our lives, we are always thinking about a new, innovative, and unique way of doing something. Why does that matter? Because it works smashingly well when you bring us in to find that next great campaign for your brand.



We’re always down to push the envelope. Try new things. Mash up, mix up, and turn up. It’s a trait that we readily wear, and it’s what has allowed us to lead the pack. After all, how can we help your brand continue to lead the way, if we haven’t found a way to be leaders ourselves?



We can feel the heartbeat of the city… of the consumer. We’re out there day in, day out, breathing in the air, seeing the trends coming down the line…anticipating the needs before they actually manifest. It is that level of consumer/lifestyle focus that becomes a key component to the backbone of our agency, fueling us to continue to show up and perform with excellence for your brand…every time.

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What we can do

Our Services

Brand Marketing / Creative Design

We love creating great brand stories. Our process includes thorough research, analysis and design. Add in a few brain storming sessions, whiteboards full of drawings, and insightful focus groups, and you have the perfect mix for success.

Advertising & Awareness

Identifying opportunities for target market penetration within the community is one of our specialties. By using a scenario-based application of all of the elements of your individual brand strategy including product attributes and attractants, environmental factors, graphics, etc., we identify opportunities that create the desired experience for the customer.

Field Marketing

We engage the customer in both traditional and non-traditional ways in order to actively present your brand where it matters most… in your consumer’s daily lives. With a field team operation that rivals the U.S. Census Bureau, we can extract and inject any message into the marketplace with ease.


Traditional market analysis relies on data from national market research firms and U. S. Census and Labor Statistics surveys. Over-generalization and stereotyping is inevitable when using such sources. We provide targeted and accurate data about the attitudes, values, and behaviors of the customer.

Our Work
Vivant Art Collection

Vivant Art Collection

View Project
CCCS Happy Video

CCCS Happy Video

View Project
Kenyatta Johnson for State Representative

Kenyatta Johnson for State Representative

View Project
PAMPI Annual Gala

PAMPI Annual Gala

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Why you ask? Because over here…in this creative shop, we focus on bringing our clients a mix of dedicated and talented people, innovative ideas, and creative design every time. Theres no exceptions to that. That isn’t the goal…that’s our norm. Our brand promise. Give us a call today. See what Premiere can do for you.

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Jeff Morgan

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Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.

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Did you know that tons of great brand ideas come from a few brainstorming sessions, pizza, and a game or two of XBox?