Phila Black Clergy Justice Symposium


Recent years have brought us challenges within the urban city youth and law enforcement. These clashes have resulted in the loss of life, frustration, resentment, and a total level of misunderstanding of all parties involved.  The Philadelphia Black Clergy wanted to get out in front of the tension from challenges within their local area, while acknowledging the impact and the need for healing nationwide. They chose to begin their city wide approach with a Justice Symposium.

To that end, the call from the President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity was a bittersweet one. Sweet in the fact that the BCPV would trust us once again with their design needs, bitter in the reason why we would have to design this particular creative. Our final marching orders were to design the flyer, a landing page for registration and info, and create a field team strategy to get the word out.

NOTE: We attended the symposium, and we must say…the information was extremely empowering, the speakers were informative, and the heavy attendance gave comfort to let us all know that there are people out there concerned, caring, and ready to come to the table to facilitate solutions and change.